e-Commerce & CMS Services

Content Management Systems

Managing the content on a website is not a small task, given the fact that there exist a myriad of formats and standards and given the broad reach of the Internet. One size does not fit all. Content Management Systems are designed to facilitate easy creation, management and re-purposing of website content.


Some of the benefits of using Content management systems are:

  • * Easily update existing content on your website
  • * Make changesin the graphics and image on a regular basis
  • * Track and monitor content being edited by various content editors
  • * Update meta title, keywords or description tags according to required traffic to reap maximum SEO benefits
  • * Manage dynamic sections of the websites like Newsletter subscriptions with ease

With our expert team of professionals, we insist on offering high end content management systems to a worldwide client base. We aim to make your business strategies more effective, profitable and manageable.

eCommerce Portals


E-commerce websites consist of every thing required in smooth online business transactions. Website designing and development, website promotion, website content and SEO services, e-communication mode, secure e-payment mode, etc are all necessary for a good e-commerce website system.

General features of an eCommerce system include:

  • * User Interface or Front End
  • * Shopping Cart or Product or Service Catalog
  • * Payment Gateway or Payment Processing System
  • * Merchant Account to handle payment facilitation
  • * Security (SSL) Encryption using SSL (Secure Sockets layer) on HTTPS
  • * Cloud Computing based Hosting

ITRDC GROUP is a one stop solution for all these needs. Moreover, our quality e-commerce services are affordable too. We work with the motto to raise your productivity through better visibility of your e-commerce website to the online community.