IT-Learning Solutions - Training and Internship

Manpower is a pivotal ingredient for any IT organisation. An enthusiastic, capable, and intelligent workforce can take an IT firm greater heights whereas inefficient ones can cause severe problems to the same. Though all industrial domains value suitable resources but the IT industry is heavily reliant on it. This is because, IT industry is concerned with automating the real life processes and this asks for analytical and logical bend of mind along with good problem solving skills. .


Dearth of skilled and focussed staff leads to huge losses in moeny and reputation for a Company. Also, college students, who are the future developers for the industry undergo trainings at centers where no processes are followed leading to lack of exposure and adequate buildup. We have a parellel organisation - ITRDC-group Trainers which acts as the technical training division of ITRDC-group. We provide 2 modes of training according to candidate skill set and capabilities: INTERNSHIP mode for candidates who possess the required skill sets and want an entry point into the IT industry and TRAINING mode for candidates who want to learn and build up their skill set. All learning solutions are supervised by our team of developers and students are put up in teams working on client projects. The strength and uniqueness of ITRDC-group' Global Learning Solutions is the ITRDC-Trainers Cloud Campus in which each candidate has access to loads of studey material, statement problems, tests and development tasks on the go. The ITRDC-Trainers Cloud Campus is an inhouse project of ITRDC-group. For more details on the Global learning solutions, please visit at our ofiice.