Domain Name Broker Services

ITRDC offers a wide range of Domain Name Broker services to our customers, who include domain buyers, domain sellers and companies wishing to take their online presence and monetization to the next level. Through our network in various verticals, we also offer premium direct advertising opportunities to companies wishing to target our highly targeted audiences.


Our Premium Domain Brokerage Service offers domain owners a service greatly lacking in the industry. We take your premium domains and sell them to end users; real businesses and individuals who will get the most value from your Premium Domains and therefore can pay you what they are worth. We don’t just send out mass emails like most so-called Domain Brokers, we pick up the phone and talk directly to decision makers. We leverage our network of relationships and our trusted reputation to get your domain names in front of the right buyers – the buyer with the highest and best use for your domain! There are no upfront costs associated with this service, we only get paid when we succeed. Normal commission for our brokerage service is 20% of the final sale price with a minimum of $250. We require a minimum 15 day exclusive brokerage agreement for all domains submitted and accepted for our newsletter.